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Grängesberg Iron AB plans to re-open the historic Grängesberg mine and turn it into a profitable production unit for delivering up to 2.5 Mt high-quality iron ore products per year to the European and Middle East markets.

Re-opening Sweden’s third largest iron ore mine


The Grängesberg mine has significant iron mineral resources remaining. The iron ore mineral deposit is one of the largest homogenous iron ore bodies in northern Europe, with a high iron ore grade.

Grängesberg Iron AB was formed in late 2007 with a main focus on developing iron ore projects in Sweden, mainly the closed-down iron ore mine in Grängesberg in central Sweden. Up to the closing of the mine in 1990, it was the third largest iron ore mine in Sweden.

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June 1st, 2016

Grängesberg Iron are now happy to present a new website to better deliver information and news.

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