Grängesberg Iron AB

Agreement with the Swedish Transport Administration

November 4th, 2011

Mining company Grängesberg Iron AB and the Swedish Transport Administration have signed a co-operation agreement on investigations regarding future ore train traffic between the iron ore mine in Grängesberg and the Port of Oxelösund. “With the co-operation agreement, the framework is now set for analysing the possibilities of transporting the ore products from the mine to the port”, says Kenth Nilsson of the Swedish Transport Administration. The results are to be presented during the first quarter of 2012, with a further aim of establishing an implementation agreement.

“Rail transport is a very important part of an iron ore project, due to the large tonnage to be transported”, says Gösta Bergman, Chairman of the Board of Grängesberg Iron AB. Oxelösund has the most suitable Swedish port for this project and the co-operation agreement is an significant step towards transporting a yearly 2.5 million tonnes of iron ore products to that port.